【Operating Video】5 in 1 Frame Machine   Heatig .A Frame Separator.Screen Separator . Remove Glue .fr

5 IN 1 LCD Screen Separator Removal Machine+Glue Frame Remover+Preheater+Frame Laminator for iPhone 4 5 6 6sPlus for Samsung

With this frame machine, you have no need to buy frame separator, vacuum screen separator, glue remover, frame laminator separately. It helps you to save time and money. It is easy and convenient to operate.

5 in 1 frame machine consists of heated plate, A-frame separator, manual vacuum separator, glue remover and frame pressing laminator.
Multiple functions combined in one, it can deal with many problems just with 1 machine, economical assistant tool for smart phone repair.
The application of advanced glue removing technology, this machine can remove glue effectively.
2 small pillars on the sides of operating plate, it can avoid the damage of steel wires when separating screen and it is helpful for operating safety.
Come with 5 phone moulds: upper mold for iPhone6, lower molds for iPhone4/5/6(4.7)/6(5.5).

Suitable for iPhone/Samsung phones repair.

Middle frame separation steps:
Turn on the thermostat switch of heated plate, then set the temperature to 80°C.
Use a sealed bag, make the adhesive gap around and back of the assembly coated with whellote gas, then seal the bag. Take out the assembly after 5min.

Heat it on the heated plate about 20s, turn on the corresponding mould switch, press the assembly on the suction mould. After being sucked, separating the middle frame slowly by hand.

Screen separation steps:
Turn on the thermostat switch of heated plate, then set the temperature to 80°C.
Haul back the lower plate, lock the screw tightly(prevent sliding). Put the silicone pad on the heated plate holes to holes, then place the screen on it.

Turn on the suction switch, the screen will be sucked tightly. When the screen reaches an appropriate temperature, start to separate the screen with a steel wire.

Glue removing steps:
Loose the three screws of the blade groove, put in the blade and screw it.
turn on the thermostat switch of glue remover on the right side, set the temperature to 180°C.
Put the silicone pad on the heated plate, when it reaches to required temperature, put into the screen with the flex cable inby.

Push into the screen, keep the height of the blade and the screen be the same, then move the screen to remove the glue.

Frame press and laminating steps:
Turn on the thermostat switch on the right mould, set the temperature to 180°C.
Choose a lower mould, put the lower mould into the plate(the groove of the mould keep downward), push the lower mould to align with the upper mould, then fix the screws behind the lower mould.
After installing the frame of the screen, put it into the lower mould in the right direction. Put the lower mould on the plate in the right position, the upper mould press it for 6-10s, then take out the screen.

When laminating for iPhone6(4.7), it need to install the upper mould.

Remove the blade when not removing glue to prevent from hurting by it.
Package List:
1 * Machine
1 * Power Line
1 * Silicone Pad
5 * Moulds
3 * Screw Drivers